Nehalem arrives in week 40 and 44, possibly

July 14, 2008 | 14:48

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Tentatively set your calenders because week 44, or late October, since this is when X58 and Nehalem's Bloomfield boards will arrive for us consumers.

Well, maybe. Between hearing the news and writing the news there was an insinuation that Intel might push it back because the new chipset and architecture might have a few issues, although we've yet to confirm anything for sure.

We're not talking G45 delays, but we're aware some motherboard engineers are upset with Intel because even this late in the day it's suggesting component changes, which could affect design and sampling schedules. With only a short while to go Intel might be giving the Taiwanese a few ulcers!

We've also been told that Intel's premium X58 chipset alone will cost $70, making the boards quite expensive, but this is not unexpected and by no means completely insane like Nvidia launching the nForce 790i Ultra SLI with a chipset that cost $100+. Instead just expect new technologies to charge a happy premium for the time being.

If you're the big business type and want workstation and server parts, you're in luck because those should launch four weeks earlier in week 40. Single socket Xeons are where we'll get the first idea of Nehalem performance over Penryn, however it makes us wonder why Intel are moving so early to its new architecture with Penryn doing so well.

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