BT offers free Wi-Fi for World Wi-Fi Day

June 17, 2016 | 11:55

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Telecommunications giant BT has announced that it is celebrating World Wi-Fi Day next week by offering free access to the company's Wi-Fi hotspots - but before you get too excited, you only get an hour.

BT operates a huge network of public-access Wi-Fi hotspots, some of which are dedicated commercial units and others of which are BT Broadband subscribers' home routers co-opted into a national network through BT's partnership with Fon and the company's connection-sharing La Fonera technology. While most BT Broadband subscribers get free access to these hotspots, others are asked to pay either a subscription fee or a per-use charge - but it's hoping to encourage use of the network by waiving the fee as part of its celebration of World Wi-Fi Day, which is apparently totally a real thing.

While World Wi-Fi Day itself is on June 20, BT will be opening its network on the 22nd through to a month later. Sadly though, its generosity has a strict limit: while the network will be available to use between those dates, each user will be given only a single hour after which further use will require payment.

For those not put off by such a restriction, which seems particularly draconian in this age of fast 4G mobile broadband options, a code for a free hour is available from BT's official website.
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