Sitecom adds Do Not Track to its routers

November 29, 2012 | 10:59

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Networking specialist Sitecom has announced an extension of the security software running on its top-end router models, adding support for the Do Not Track flag to all client devices.

Introduced in the latest version of desktop browsers, and slowly making its way to mobile devices, Do Not Track is a flag which tells sites that the user does not wish to be tracked between visits. Privacy fans claim it's an important step in improving the state of the web, while advertisers have decried the technology by claiming it will 'limit the availability and diversity of Internet content and services for consumers.'

For those who desire a bit of a break from the web's all-seeing eyes, Do Not Track is a feature worth investigating - but Sitecom partner SurfRight points out that it's far from universal. 'Only the very latest browsers offer Do Not Track functionality,' explained the company's chief executive Mark Loman at the announcement. 'Using Sitecom Cloud Security, the user no longer has to configure individual browsers, but can indicate that the entire family does not wish to be tracked from any device in the network with just a single click of the mouse in a central location.'

The system, embedded in the company's Cloud Security software suite, works by tagging the flag onto all outgoing traffic, regardless of the source device. That way, even if a user is browsing through software that doesn't support the Do Not Track flag - such as on a smartphone, tablet or games console - the message is still relayed to advertising sites. ' In this way, advertising networks, which also display advertisements in popular free apps and games, will be aware that you do not want to be tracked for commercial purposes,' Loman added.

The Do Not Track functionality is disabled by default, and requires the user to visit the router's configuration page to enable it. Sitecom has confirmed that, in addition to launching the software on third-generation X-Series routers, it will bring the Do Not Track option to existing devices with Sitecom Cloud Security through a free firmware update.
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