Zotac demonstrates new remote control PC product

March 9, 2009 | 11:09

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CeBIT 09: Another interesting SKU from Zotac is its development of a networked box that lets you remote control your PC. While not itself a new concept, Zotac is trying to make it more affordable and simple for the masses.

All you have to do is drop the PCI-Express card into an available slot in your PC and you can pipe up to two displays on DVI, sound and USB across the network to another location, allowing remote control of that system. Basically this means you can have a PC on the other side of the house (or hidden in a server room) made available to work on in the office – so it doesn’t matter how loud it is or compact your working environment – it’s a substitution for a compromise.

In the demonstration given it works very responsively, even playing video, and Zotac claim that it’s even fast enough to do FPS gaming on, providing Gigabit LAN is used. Obviously, adding network switches or wireless into the situation increases lag, but at least the concept seems to work.

Price wise, Zotac are still working on sourcing components and getting the cost down. Having talked to Ebuyer in the UK, the Zotac guys were told £100 should be the target to aim for and we agree – it’s never going to be a cheap product and even approaching the £100 mark will be a challenge. From our end though, once you start thinking about it, it could actually be really useful, even if it is a little strange to have a product like this coming from a GPU company.

Check out our hastily-taken pics below and then tell us what you think in the forums.

Zotac demonstrates new remote control PC product Zotac Remote Controls a PC Zotac demonstrates new remote control PC product Zotac Remote Controls a PC

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