New AMD socket will be called AM2

Written by Wil Harris

December 16, 2005 | 12:41

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AMD will move to a new socket form factor in the new year, which the Inquirer has revealed will be called Socket AM2.

Chips arriving on the platform will have 940 pins, one up from the existing 939 setup. However, the new 940 chips won't be compatible with the old Socket 940 boards (which, if you can remember back past the myriad of socket changes, used to house Opterons and the first Athlon FX chips).

The new chips will support DDR 2 memory, and there will be three new cores available.

'Windsor' is the dual-core Athlon X2, and will come in varieties from 4200+ to 5000+, with FX-62 at the high end. The 4200+ will be the low-end, cheap-and-cheerful replacement for the awesome value 3800+. The new dual-core chips will support AMD's virtualization technology, allowing users to run multiple operating systems simultaneously.

The FX-62 will allegedly be clocked 2.67GHz and will come with a faster version of the HyperTransport bus. Whereas HT runs at 200MHz at the moment, the FX-62 will support HT at 333MHz, which should provide an incredible boost in performance.

'Orleans' is single core, and will come 3500+ to 4000+ versions. 'Manilla' is the new Sempron, and this will go from 3000+ to 3600+. The Semprons will be 64-bit.

Expect these chips to start turning up in April next year. In the meantime, come and drool with us over in the News Forum.
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