New OcUK MD vows to address past service issues

Written by Tim Smalley

October 8, 2007 | 17:12

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Overclockers UK, one of the UK's leading online retailers for high-end computer componentry, announced this morning that it has appointed Rupert Lowery as the new Managing Director and during a chat with bit-tech, he revealed his intent to fix issues the company has had in the past.

The owner and former Managing Director, Mark Proudfoot, has also announced his repositioning as Chairman of the business.

Lowery was formerly Chief Executive of The Hut and has had multiple roles at large corporations within the retail, banking and technology industries, including Sainsbury’s, Lloyds TSB, Halifax and Caudwell Communications.

In the press release, Proudfoot said that he’s delighted with the move and is confident that the “combined drive and ambition will develop our business to deliver our customer’s needs. Rupert’s innovation, coupled with his understanding of the customer experience and my knowledge of the industry, will see renewed focus on products and service delivery for Overclockers UK customers.”

His main focus will be on further developing supplier relationships, while also acting as Lowery’s mentor in the short term.

Lowery also outlined his role within the restructured Overclockers UK and plans to “expand the existing groups of products, develop new and complimentary groups of products and services, and, optimise our service levels for our growing and loyal customer base.”

However, one of the things about Overclockers UK that many bit-tech readers have criticised in the past was the company’s after-sales support, which many have said has been below par. When we asked Lowery how he plans to address this, he came back to us with what appears to be a statement of intent. “Yes, service is a key focus,” he said.

“There are a number of facets to achieve optimum of service – at the end of the day our customers want to be able to purchase a product with confidence that if it fails we will handle their issue professionally and rapidly. Over the coming weeks/months I will be reviewing each component that goes to achieve this and taking actions where necessary. I have to say the OcUK team are committed to excellence all round and see service as a key differentiator – we have already had one major supplier in this morning asking them to improve their returns performance.”

I’m sure many will be glad to hear that past issues look likely to be addressed. Certainly, after working in customer services during a part-time job whilst I was at university, the level of customer satisfaction is one of the key elements to holding onto customers in the long term.

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