Live in New York? Get 100 Mbps net!

Written by Wil Harris

July 1, 2005 | 09:04

Tags: #broadband #internet #lan

A quicky but a goody. If you're in the metropolitan area of New York, Cablevision want you - to get 100 meg.


The Cablevision website has lots of gumph like this:

"This initial deployment of a 100 Mbps data service is a powerful and unmistakable indication of the enormous capacity of our state-of-the-art network... Our operations people are extremely pleased with how fast and easy the process was, and our product and marketing people are excited to have the Narad technology available to tap more of the intrinsic capabilities of our network to serve very high capacity demands. This demonstrates that our HFC networks, in addition to our pure fiber networks, have no inherent capacity limits for multiple levels of residential as well as commercial services, and can provide this very high level of service without the expense and time delay of network redesign or new construction."

All of which is great, but most people won't care - the bottom line is that you could have a LAN to the internet.


If you live in the NY area, check out Cablevision, stat. If not, check out our Discussion forum for this news story, and moan about how appalling the broadband is in your area.
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