News on AMD's 4x4

Written by Wil Harris

July 26, 2006 | 02:02

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HardOCP has a little info about AMD's upcoming 4x4 initiative.

We previous told you that 4x4 is a dual-processor, quad-core gaming platform designed to give gamers and power users the fastest machine on the planet.

HardOCP was given a demonstration of the technology, referred to as 'Quadfather'. AMD's demonstration included playing Half-Life 2 whilst also playing back MP3s and MPEG4 video.

AMD pitches 4x4 at the 'mega-tasker' who wants to do everything at once, and says that dual-CPU bundles will be available for under $1000, in a bid to appeal to all the enthusiast market, not just the high end.

Intel has previous told us that Kentsfield, which has four cores on a single CPU, will be out before the year is done. AMD's quad-core-single-chip won't be out until 2007, although we expect to see 4x4 before then.

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