First nForce 410 and 6100 performance shown

Written by Wil Harris

September 23, 2005 | 06:40

Tags: #410 #6100 #6150 #anandtech #geforce #nforce #purevideo

Companies: #nvidia

The guys over at Anandtech have gone and grabbed one of the first nForce 410 boards, featuring onboard GeForce 6100 graphics.

The board, from Biostar, sports a neat form factor that makes it perfect for use in a home theatre box. We first looked at Nvidia's new chipset here, and we'll be looking at boards very, very soon.

They have compared the board to the current integrated king, ATI's RS480. According to them, the 6100 chip that is inside the 410, which runs at 425MHz, beats the RS480 in almost every test they see fit to run. This leads them to believe that the 6150 chip, which is 50MHz faster, should be by far the fastest integrated graphics board out there.

The 6100 also comes with PureVideo support, which is also a rather nifty feature for video usage.

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