Nvidia PhysX pack due shortly

July 29, 2008 | 12:52

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Hot off the phone to Nvidia we found out that the GPU-PhysX pack will see public release as soon as next week. Current game releases like Ghost Recon Advanced Warfare #1 and #2, Unreal Tournament 3 and some other games no one really cares about (well, it's true!) will get GPU-PhysX functions.

PhysX driver updates will be a regular (quoted monthly) feature and future games that include PhysX are touted to include the much anticipated Mirrors Edge.

We can't complain really though, the drivers are a huge free update to all owners of Nvidia 8-series and 9-series cards, unlike other companies *cough*Apple*cough* that would charge for it.

The current driver will work with only one GPU currently, although that includes iterations of SLI since the driver sees multiple cards as one. In this respect it will automatically balance graphical and physics data depending on what the game requires - this will hinder your frame rate a little, but it should make other factors look and feel a little more realistic (NB: "should").

Future driver releases will allow assigning of PhysX to a separate GPU - so if you upgrade from a GeForce 8800 GT to GTX 260 for example, the GT can work on PhysX data only. We double checked and you do not need an SLI board to do this - just one with multiple PCI-Express slots - great news for those with X38, P45 or even P35 boards - we can't imagine PhysX needs that much bandwidth if previous hardware used a PCI interface!

Looking forward to PhysX on GPU adding extra value to your Nvidia (or ATI?) card? Or is it just another useless feature until there's a killer title? Let us know in the forums.
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