NVIDIA brings AMD box to Intel shindig

Written by Wil Harris

March 8, 2006 | 14:18

Tags: #idf #quad-sli

Companies: #amd #asus #intel #nvidia

The graphics boys at NVIDIA have a stand in the Tech Showcase here at IDF. They are showing off the almighty power of Quad SLI technology.

The only trouble for the green team is, the system it has running on its booth is based on AMD.

The top of the machine is obscured by a big NVIDIA bit of cardboard, which serves no other purpose other than to obscure the fact that, should you get close enough to peek underneath (as we did), the motherboard is an ASUS A8N SLI Deluxe with passive heatpipe technology.

We couldn't drop back to desktop to check the CPU ID, but we could see the AMD cooler, whirring away behind the cardboard.

Seems rather odd to turn up at an Intel event to showcase AMD gear. Perhaps Mr Otellini should have words with Mr Huang, explaining Intel's policy on traitors; namely, that it makes them lie on a bed of upturned Pentium processors (the ones that have the pins, not the LGA ones).

Day two of IDF kicks off - discuss it here!
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