NVIDIA announce GeForce Go 7300

Written by Tim Smalley

October 25, 2005 | 15:25

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NVIDIA has announced its GeForce Go 7300, a day after ASUS jumped the gun on the announcement.

There are now a few more details about the GeForce Go 7300 GPU. We have heard that it will be up to 40% faster than the GeForce Go 6200, but we're not sure which version of Go 6200 NVIDIA are talking about here.

However, we do know that it will be capable of a 1400 mega pixels per second fill rate and 260 million verticies per second. We reckon that this means a 350MHz core clock, four pixel pipelines and three vertex shaders. We're not sure whether there will be four pixel output engines, or just the two that were found in the GeForce Go 6200.

The memory will be clocked at 700MHz DDR with a 64-bit memory bandwidth, meaning that Go 7300 will have a 5.6GB/sec memory bandwidth. There is a full run down of the features and specs in GeForce Go 7300 on NVIDIA's home page.

We also believe that the Go 7300 resides from the G72 GPU, built on TSMC's 90nm Low-k process - it could give us an idea of NVIDIA's new entry level products.

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