NVIDIA backs Blu-ray, PS3

Written by Brett Thomas

July 25, 2006 | 15:14

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The CEO of NVIDIA, Jen-Hsun Huang, has been a very busy man lately. With the company's soon-to-be released G80 graphics chip, the ATI/AMD merger, and difficulties with Intel, you'd think he hasn't had the time to take a corporate stance on the format wars.

Mr. Huang took a minute to talk to a journalist from San Jose Mercury News about his company's views on consoles and on the Blu-Ray format in PS3.

Regarding NVIDIA's decision to provide the graphics chip for PlayStation 3, Huang said "You cannot build chips for all the game consoles," and stated with assurance that "I don't think that working with Sony is going to be wrong. There is no way that is going to be wrong."

In regard to the Blu-Ray addition to the PS3 that is responsible for such cost increases, he felt equally confident. "The important thing is you cannot announce a game console for the next ten years and not have Blu-Ray. It's an impossible scenario. If I'm going to buy a next-generation game console, I'm going to buy a console with next-generation media. It's going to last ten years."

So what of Microsoft's Xbox 360, which does not contain any next-gen player?

"I'll make a prediction that the Xbox 360 can't possibly be a DVD-only device by Christmas of next year."

Jen-Hsun is well known for his very aggressive command of his company, but he's even more known for being an incredible visionary in the graphics world and a very keen businessman. It will be interesting to see if his predictions are correct, but having his backing is already half the battle.

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