Nvidia's C51 integrated graphics is 6200

Written by Wil Harris

July 25, 2005 | 10:28

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Nvidia's C51 is pretty close to release, it appears. Motherboard maker Biostar has been talking to Xbit Labs about the features that will be in its new small form factor system, the iDEQ 330N.

The C51 chip is the first nForce revision to sport integrated graphics since nForce 2, which had an integrated GeForce 2 MX core. The integrated graphics will be a low-end 6200 part, allowing for basic gameplay - although we found that a 6200 to happily run Half-Life when we looked at a 6200 Turbocache board.

We can only speculate, but it seems likely that the integrated core will support TurboCache and PureVideo technologies - making it a fantastic option for low-costing gaming or media centre use.

The chip will connect to a southbridge sporting SATA 2, Gigabit Ethernet and all the other usual features. There is no resurrection of the other popular nForce 2 feature, SoundStorm - the iDEQ sports standard Realtek surround sound.

Boards will be made available for socket 939 and 754, allowing for Sempron compatibility.

Look for it in the coming months, possibly even in time for the low-cost back to school season, next month. In the meantime, there's a product page at the BioStar website here.

Does the idea of a new integrated graphics chip from Nvidia get you a little excited? Let us know.
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