Nvidia Computex Titbits

Written by Wil Harris

May 31, 2005 | 08:46

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A couple of titbits of SLI news this morning, both courtesy of the chaps at the Inquirer.

When we talked to Intel back at CeBit, they hinted to us that they believed that SLI could be improved upon by creating a standards-based multi-GPU technology. It seeems as if Intel is one step closer to creating that technology with this board, which appears to sport dual PEG graphics using 16x and 4x lanes on the 955X chipset.

When Intel were talking to me, they were advocating using Nvidia and ATI cards together to harness dual-graphics. We're yet to believe that that can be done.

Meanwhile, poor Fudo - stuck out in the Bosnian wilds since his Taiwanese Visa was refused - is reporting that Nvidia is working on a revised implementation of SLI. It will, apparently, use more lanes for each card - probably 16 lanes each, rather than 8 as we currently have. We suspect that this won't yield much of a performance benefit in the immediate future, since a 6800 doesn't fill the 8x lane with data. We may find that it helps a little with SLI using G70.

G70 isn't going to launch at Computex, but will be shown there. We expect the new chip, and the SLI solution using the new chip, to launch just a couple of weeks afterwards.

Can Intel really be trusted to make a hardcore gaming graphics platform? Give us your thoughts, here.
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