NVIDIA will be in new Moto Razr

Written by Wil Harris

November 10, 2005 | 20:25

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Companies: #motorola #nvidia #sony-ericsson

NVIDIA has said that it has won some crucial design wins for its mobile phone 3D chip, the GoForce.

According to the INQ, NVIDIA will be inside the new RAZR phones from Motorola. The phones will be available only on 3G networks in the UK.

NVIDIA will also be providing GoForce to Sony Ericsson, who are going to be using it in the new W900i phone.

Fudo at the INQ writes:

"Sony Ericsson chose NVIDIA as it obviously likes its mobile design and we are sure that this phone can put NVIDIA Shader core for mobiles to good use. GoForce 3D 4800 can support 640x480 resolution it can decode and encode Jpeg, encode and decode Mpeg 4, supports early Z, multi texturing and Programmable pixel Shader and do some other nice stuff. Don't forget 3 Mpix camera support. This actually means that you will be able to play some nice looking games and to do some serious video on any of these phones."

Sounds pretty cool. Now if only we could get NVIDIA inside an iPod, that would be pretty sweet...

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