Nvidia says G92 to near 1Teraflop

Written by Brett Thomas

May 25, 2007 | 14:32

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Though the G80 is still the chip to beat in the high-end graphics market, that isn't stopping Nvidia from looking toward the future. The company recently had a conference call where it discussed its upcoming G92 processor, which will take the high-end crown again. Apparently, it will be almost a teraflop of raw computing power.

For a comparison, that's around double the computing power of the current 8800GTX, which can do about 518GFlops (MAD+MUL) if you push it to its limit. Normally, the chip would average around 345 GFlops (without MUL). We would assume the new 1TFlop would also be MAD+MUL, which has had some controversy surrounding it.

Is anyone else interested in the PSU that will be required for this?

According to Nvidia's Michael Hara, Vice President, Investor Relations and Communications, the new chip will be ready at Christmas. This is actually going to be Nvidia's new launch plan after its wonderful success with the G80 - the high-end parts will be released shortly before the Holidays, and then the mid- to low-range parts will start filtering out in the spring. This gives the high-end early adopters a bit of extra time to cradle their expensive toys.

Of course, this "slick" plan borne from the G80 launch is actually an accidental stroke of genius due to production issues for the G80 part. At the time, the card was supposed to launch at the end of Q3 or start of Q4, but had to go back for a respin of the silicon. The launch put it in our hot little hands ever-so-slightly before Christmas, which (with all the Vista buzz) helped sell the device like hotcakes. Of course, since Nvidia didn't actually disclose the original date (we just knew the silicon needed redone), it could technically be said that the whole thing was just well-executed with a margin for error.

Anyhow, this launch is to now become the standard for Big Green, which isn't really a bad thing. It's a great way to get the company's name out right at the end of the year, when we're also expecting AMD's Barcelona, Intel's Nehalem, and a possible R600 refresh that might make it more competitive with the 8800 Ultra. Sounds like a great time to drop the 9800.

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