NVIDIA to support SLI on 975X?

Written by Tim Smalley

July 31, 2006 | 10:40

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We were wondering how long it would be before Intel and NVIDIA reacted to the AMD-ATI merger, which was announced last week.

A report on Digitimes suggests that officials from Intel and NVIDIA have already met to discuss their future partnership.

Industry sources cited in the report indicate that NVIDIA will enable SLI support on Intel's chipsets in the near future, with an announcement coming from the two companies very soon.

In the past, NVIDIA has been very adamant about keeping its SLI technology locked into its own nForce4 and nForce 500-series chipsets, but it seems that the AMD-ATI deal has turned the tides somewhat.

ATI and Intel have worked together closely in the past, with ATI's CrossFire technology supported on Intel's chipsets. With Intel's recent Core 2 processor launch, the chip giant pushed ATI's CrossFire technology as the graphics platform of choice.

It's unclear whether this will continue to be the case, but ATI's bus license will remain intact in the short term. However, there has been no indication of how Intel's partnership with ATI will continue in the long term. One thing looks certain though; NVIDIA will enable SLI on Intel's 975X chipset in the near future - it will be interesting to see how this affects the Intel/ATI partnership.

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