OCZ Introduces its eSATA flash drive

December 5, 2008 | 12:57

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Donkey's years ago OCZ mentioned to us about how it was developing a Firewire flash drive. Faster speeds! the PR claimed, USB is so limited!

Well, that time came and went and while it was a product that never made it out of development because of driver and controller issues, OCZ seems to have cracked a better and faster goal - the eSATA flash drive.

It's not the first eSATA flash drive by just a few weeks, but it is currently the fastest.

Dubbed the Throttle, this little flash drive is the same size as your USB thumb drive so it'll fit right in a pocket or on your keys, yet, instead of being limited to ~35MB/s from USB 2.0 this little devil claims to have a read speed of 90MB/s. Write speeds are still pretty limited at 30MB/s, so nothing much there has changed from "fast" USB drives, and it does mean you need a PC with an eSATA port to take advantage of it. There is a mini-USB included on the Throttle too though, just in case the PC you want to use it with is too old or crippled to have a fancier eSATA connection.

Available in 8GB to 32GB capacities, you've got a dual layer DVD to Blu-ray's worth of data at your finger-tips, although if we're willy-waving then we have seen 64GB flash drives knocking about these days.

It's got a 2 year warranty and will be available from $34.99, $54.99 and $94.99 for 8, 16 and 32GB versions.

Fancy yourself a super fast flash drive to carry around with you? Or is the write speeds or eSATA not doing it for you? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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