OCZ to re-enter graphics card market

Written by Tim Smalley

December 11, 2006 | 16:27

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OCZ Technology has announced that it will re-enter the graphics card market with products based on NVIDIA's awesome GeForce 8800 series during its Asia Pacific Summit in Taipei, Taiwan.

The company has dabbled in graphics before, with a selection of pre-overclocked GeForce 3 series graphics cards that were heavily focused on providing class-leading performance.

That isn't going to change this time around because OCZ will "speed screen" its GeForce 8800-series products, according to sources close to the company. However, due to NVIDIA seemingly preventing its partners from overclocking retail cards, OCZ will leave the actual tweaking to the end user.

NVIDIA's GeForce 8800 overclocking inhibition has cropped up again and this time it seems to confirm what many partners have told us. This is despite the fact that when we questioned Tony Tamassi, Vice President of Technical Marketing at NVIDIA, about partner overclocking, he told us that NVIDIA wasn't going to prevent partners from increasing the clock speeds on retail products.

With that said, we have had some indications from NVIDIA's partners suggesting that pre-overclocked cards are being held back until AMD/ATI announces the R600 graphics processor early next year, because NVIDIA doesn't have any competition in the graphics market at the moment.

I guess we can expect some formal announcements and more complete details at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, early next month.
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