Optimus keyboard seen working

November 22, 2007 | 12:26

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Gizmodo has a video of the Optimus Keyboard in action! Finally, it's no longer geek fantasy but actual fact instead. OK, yes, it's still a prototype but it looks as cool as we'd ever imagined it!

Each key is a mini Organic LED (OLED) screen that is so ultra thin it can fit under each key without the need for a separate backlight. The display can also display a wide range of colours, just like a normal display.

The full keyboard will cost you a massive $1,500 dollars, so prepare to auction your organs.

You can watch the video and see other pictures at Gizmodo, here.

Will it ever be affordable? How long will the "cool" zeal last and does anyone seriously look down at their keyboard to type any more? Perhaps that's they best part - you can have little pictures to show all the shortcuts to programs like Photoshop or Office etc, but for actual typing you don't need the letters on the keys.

Still wanting one? Let us know, in the forums.
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