Panasonic demos 50" plasma 3D TV

September 29, 2009 | 14:14

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3D TVs are still just around the corner, with Panasonic demonstrating a new 50" plasma screen this week which uses active shutter glasses to offer a true three-dimensional picture.

As reported over on Electronista, the rather sizeable screen - which so far is missing any pricing information, strangely enough - features a new system for the rapid display of changing images without losing brightness. As active shutter glasses rely on only seeing half the usual motion resolution, this new system is vital to keep things looking sharp and bright - something which has been a problem with previous systems.

Impressively, the display is a full 1080p panel - and remains so even in 3D mode, offering a full high-definition image with each frame. Crosstalk reduction on the display reduces the possibility of ghosting affects as the active shutter glasses switch between eyes to give the illusion of depth and immersion.

Sadly, the technology isn't without its drawbacks even allowing for the improvements Panasonic has made: active shutter glasses are often bulky, and rely on a power source to shut each eye off in turn. Additionally, each person who wants to watch the TV will need a pair - which, in a high-occupancy household, is likely to get very expensive very quickly.

The display and shutter glasses will be formally demonstrated at the CEATEC show in Japan next month, with the company planning to bring both to the commercial markets world-wide in 2010.

Do you think that this sort of 3D TV is the future of entertainment, or does the industry need to concentrate on technologies which can provide the illusion of depth without the need to wear dorky glasses? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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