Paramount moving to Blu-ray too?

Written by Joe Martin

January 8, 2008 | 10:42

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After what seems like an age, the rumour is that a major battle in the movie format wars could be over - with Blu-ray coming out as the victor and HD DVD left by the wayside.

According to The Financial Times the announcement that Warner Bros. would start to support Blu-ray only in the future may have had serious repercussions for the HD DVD format - prompting Paramount Studios to abandon HD DVD support also.

The Financial Times has said that the Paramount and HD DVD contract had a specific get-out clause for Paramount, allowing t to legally abandon the HD DVD format and escape the contract if Warner opted to go Blu-ray only. Which it just did.

Apparently Paramount is now ready to go Blu-ray only too, apparently predicting that there is no future in a format which doesn't have support from either itself or Warner Studios.

If proved true, the move could mark an early close to the HD DVD format in the mainstream - which could be both a good thing and a bad thing. Until an official denial or admission is issued by Paramount, we won't know the truth of the matter.

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