PC Specialist Launches Liquid Series PC Range

Written by Antony Leather

April 22, 2016 | 11:04

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PC Specialist has launched a new range of PCs called the Liquid Series

The new premium range of PCs feature water-cooled CPUs and graphics cards and the company is keen to point out that potential buyers can pick their own coolant colour, LED lighting and even the power cable colours too.

There's a wide range of other options in a new section of PC Specialists already comprehensive configurator too. You can pick from Z170 and X99 systems and can choose from four basic water-cooling systems across the whole range of options.

The Entry Kit includes a slimline 240mm Alphacool radiator along with an Alphacool Pro 15 reservoir, Phobya UC-2 waterclock and Phobya DC2l-260 pump, and PC specialist rightly advises against using this option if you intend to water-cool the graphcis card too.

Stepping up to the Mid Kit gets you a slightly thicker radiator, larger reservoir and more powerful Laing D5-based pump - enough grunt to cool a single graphics card too. Here you get the options of either Alphacool NexXxos GPX or EKWB full-cover GPU waterblocks.

PC Specialist Launches Liquid Series PC Range

The High Kit uses two EK PE-series radiators in the form of a PE360 and PE240, which is clearly a very potent cooling setup that could handle a high-end overclocked X99 system plus several graphics cards.

PC Specialist Launches Liquid Series PC Range

Finally, the Extreme Kit lives up to its name sporting two massive EK CoolStream PE360 radiators and includes two separate cooling loops, each with its own reservoir and D5 pump.

PC Specialist uses Mayhems coolant, which is available in eight pastel colours or UV blue or green dyes. Moving on to the core hardware, there are 10 case options to choose from, while CPU options include the five current K-series CPU models from both Skylake and Haswell-E ranges.

PC Specialist Launches Liquid Series PC Range PC Specialist Launches Liquid Series PC Range

Graphics card options start at the GTX 970 and rise up to the GTX Titan X, while storage includes both hard disks plus SATA and M.2 SSDs. There are six cable colours to choose from as well as five LED colours.

The new range starts at £1,299 inc VAT and delivery and you can see the new Liquid Series configurator here.
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