Dell launches Della site, for the ladies

Written by Joe Martin

May 13, 2009 | 11:04

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Companies: #dell

Dell has announced and launched a new site, called Della, that is looking to market Dell's pre-built PCs and laptops explicitly to women, rather than to all genders equally.

The Della site is heavily pushing Dell's standard Inspiron Mini 10 range of netbooks, claiming that it's so small it'll fit in most ladies' purses and still connect to the internet effortlessly, for instant messaging and whatnot.

Dell's Della campaign doesn't seem to offer any new hardware or products, but the site does come with a load of other new content, such as simple technology tips and sections entitled 'Giving' and 'Featured Artist'.

The tech tips on offer detail how ladies might want to use the Inspiron Mini 10 netbook to search for online recipes, stay in touch with friends through email and track your diet, including calorie intake and carbs. Y'know - all those things that men don't ever do. The 'Giving' section guides users on how to recycle their technology or give it away to charity, while the 'Featured Artist' section is a short case study on Robyn Moren, author of Practically Posh: The Smart Girls Guide to a Glam Life. Wow.

The Della website also offers a catalogue of different PC accessories that you can use alongside your shiny new PC, but why take our word for it? You can check out the official Della website here, assuming you have the right chromosomes of course.

Are you a lady who uses a PC, or do you just like to pretend when you're playing games online? Let us know in the forums.

Thanks to b5k for tipping us off to this.
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