Dell's XPS Gaming brand to disappear this year

Written by Tim Smalley

June 16, 2009 | 14:57

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Following a number of rumours at Computex, we have learned that Dell is working to streamline its business and is will no longer sell XPS branded gaming PCs soon.

Dell will instead focus its resources in the lucrative gaming PC sector on Alienware, which it acquired in 2006, although the company spokesperson stopped short of giving a date when this transition would happen.

"You'll see an overlap of several months," said Dell spokesperson Markus Schuetz in an email conversation.

Schuetz was referring to the new Alienware M17x gaming laptop, which will eventually replace the XPS M1730 when it is phased out later this year. "We will have similar situations on the desktop front later this year," he said before later adding "we will transition current Dell XPS 6xx and 7xx to Alienware later this fall/winter."

Despite this, Schuetz was keen to point out that Dell's XPS brand will also continue to exist as well under the Studio XPS line, which features more stylish and lifestyle-orientated PCs and laptops.

Sources at a number of Dell's suppliers spoke to us at Computex and suggested that Alienware would be closing down. One source said that this would happen by August 20th at the latest, which is not confirmed by Dell. At the time, we were incredibly sceptical and, after speaking to more sources in search more concrete information, we were still drawing blanks - and Dell wouldn't comment on the rumours.

It looks as if we've finally got to the bottom of this one now though - it's merely a case of Dell streamlining itself. Schuetz said that "it's like throwing the best of two worlds into one pot. . . .these [new] systems will blow you away, that's for sure."

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