Dell unveils new G series of gaming systems

Written by Jennifer Allen

June 24, 2020 | 11:00

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Dell has announced plans to revamp its G series of laptops and desktops in a bid to grab the attention of the gaming market.

First, there's the G7 15/17, a gaming laptop that's keen to stress it's an option when being more productive too. It's generally considered Dell's budget gaming laptop but still packs a reasonable punch if you start adding some optional extras. Besides being slimmed down, it now offers 10th generation Intel Core processors up to a Core i9-10885H depending on your budget. GPU options are also similarly decent with the choice of up to a Nvidia RTX 2070 Max-Q or RTX 2070 Super. Up to 16GB of RAM is also possible along with a 1TB SSD. Of course, the higher the spec, the higher the price so don't expect to pay the starting price of $1,429 here. We'd expect almost the same price in the UK given exchange rates and so forth.

Whatever the spec, the G7 is that teensy bit slimmer than before with a bezel display that goes from 9.9mm to 6.5mm on the G7 15 and a thinner chassis too. In a bid to be appealing to gamers, it also offers a precision glass trackpad, customisable chassis lighting and a 4-zone RGB keyboard. The lighting can be manipulated via Alienware Command Centre so basically this is a little like having an Alienware laptop, albeit with less distinctive branding and high-end specs. Ok, so maybe not quite then, but we're assuming that's how Dell would like things to seem. 

There's also an upgrade for Dell's gaming desktops too in the form of the G5. Starting at $749 and available from July, it looks like a gaming system for those that didn't feel like building their own, right down to offering plenty of RGB lighting and a window so you can see the inner workings light up. Similar in spec to the G7 laptop, you can choose up to a 10th generation Intel Core i9-10900K, GeForce RTX 2070 Super, and up to 64GB DDR-2666 RAM. 

Notably, the RGB light strip only offers single colours without the option for mixes like other RGB configurations. So it's not quite the spec you may choose if you were building it yourself, but it's good if you don't feel like going to the effort or there's a good deal around. On the plus side, it promises tool-less entry so it should be easy enough to upgrade further down the line. 

It's obvious that the G5 isn't really going to appeal to those used to building their setups, but it could be a decent option if you simply want a pre-built solution, especially once you factor in Dell's enthusiasm for discounting products. It launches in July. 

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