Lenovo confirms Fujitsu PC business talks

October 28, 2016 | 10:22

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Fujitsu and Lenovo have announced a 'strategic cooperation' which will see the two companies join forces for development, design, and manufacturing of personal computers for sales worldwide.

Rumours that Lenovo and Fujitsu were interested in making a deal leaked earlier this month, when local sources claimed that Lenovo was looking to acquire Fujitsu's PC design, development, and manufacturing divisions. At the time, it wasn't clear what form the deal would take, with suggestions ranging from an outright acquisition to the formation of a joint venture following the same pattern as Lenovo's NEC partnership.

In a press release issued late last night the two companies have now confirmed the talks, stating that they are 'exploring a strategic cooperation in the realm of research, development, design and manufacturing of personal computers for the global market.' The deal concerns FCCL, a presently wholly-Fujitsu-owned subsidiary spun out in February this year to handle the company's personal computing interests. With a slowing market, though, Fujitsu is looking for ways to encourage FCCL's growth - and Lenovo, it seems, is eager to lend a hand.

'Through the cooperation, the two companies aim to create a successful model that leverages Fujitsu’s global sales, customer support, R&D and manufacturing capabilities together with Lenovo’s operational excellence to improve competitiveness in the dynamic global PC market,' the joint statement claimed, while warning that 'details of the cooperation are currently under discussion'.

The deal will not see the Fujitsu brand disappear, however, with the company still to sell own-brand PCs and provide after-sales support - though a phase-out is not off the cards for the future, mimicking Lenovo's deal with IBM for the ThinkPad family of laptops, which saw Lenovo manufacturing devices under IBM's name for a period before replacing Big Blue's logo with its own.

Financial terms of the deal, which will be funded through the Development Bank of Japan, have not been disclosed.
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