PCWorld puts Boot Camp on its Macs

Written by Wil Harris

May 3, 2006 | 09:57

Tags: #boot-camp #mac #macbook-pro #pcworld #windows

Companies: #apple

bit-tech reader Gordon Handley sent in this rather interesting snippet, which will surely amaze any British denizen who has ever experienced the horror that is PC World!

"I've just come back from a bit of shopping and I popped into to PC World for a wonder around. I got as far as the small Apple section they have there and was surprised to find a Macbook Pro. Not only that, it was running Windows! They were advertising the new Boot Camp features to try to attract some new Apple 'switchers'.

I didn't think I'd see the day they could get a member of the purple shirt brigade to do something that complicated!

I took a quick picture with my mobile to show it in action - they'd even installed 3DMark on it. They have put a small note explaining that this is a demo software and requires a full copy of Windows XP for you to copy this setup."

Er, wow. With big retailers like PCW showing off the capabilities of Boot Camp, how long before Apple officially starts bundling Windows with its Macs?

Thanks to Gordy for sending this in. You can check out his website at GordyHand.co.uk. Make sure you let us know your own PC World experiences over in the forums.
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