Penryn coming sooner than expected?

Written by Tim Smalley

April 27, 2007 | 20:09

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According to industry sources cited by TG Daily, Intel's upcoming Penryn family of processors may be released sooner than many initially thought.

The sources stated that there are a bunch of non-disclosure agreements in place for the pre-release and distribution of Intel's 45nm Yorkfield and Wolfdale processors. These embargoes are scheduled to expire on July 15th, claimed the sources.

This isn't likely to be the day you'll be able to buy one, but it's possibly the day that we'll be able to publish independent benchmarks on the new processors.

Officially, the Penryn family isn't scheduled to début until late 2007, but this news suggests that Intel is planning to accelerate the launch -- like it did with its first quad-core processor.

Could we see Yorkfield and Wolfdale processors on the market before the end of Q3? Whatever the case, this looks like Intel making moves to spoil the launch of AMD's next-generation architecture, which is reportedly scheduled to début in a similar time frame.

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