Asus introduces the ROG Chakram: a mouse with a difference

Written by Jennifer Allen

January 14, 2020 | 13:05

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Asus has unveiled a mouse with a built-in joystick at CES. It's called the Asus ROG Chakram and it's certainly intriguing.

Initially, it may look a lot like a regular wireless mouse. It offers three modes of connectivity - 2.4GHz via RF, Bluetooth (presumably with higher latency than RF) and a wired mode via a USB cable if you want to keep it old-school. There's support for Qi charging or you can opt to charge via the USB cable. Asus reckons it'll last up to 79 hours on a single charge. 

In addition, its optical sensor is adjustable from 100 to 16,000 dpi with 40g max acceleration and 400 IPS max speed. In the case of its dpi, you're able to adjust it on the fly via a dedicated button on the bottom of the mouse. Hold it down for a few seconds and you can alter the sensitivity of the scroll button. So far, so very respectable then. 

What sets it apart is its joystick. There's a small stick that protrudes out from next to the thumb buttons. It works in both analog and digital mode with analog mode intending to work like a regular thumbstick on a controller, while digital mode turns it into a four-way programmable joystick.

Asus suggests that analog mode is best for flight sims and racing games, while digital mode is good for first person shooters. Obviously, it's down to the individual to work out what mode works best for them. 

To make things a little more comfortable, the mouse comes with a longer and shorter joystick so you can get things just how you like them. There's a socket cover too if you'd prefer to remove the joystick for certain games without feeling like there's a hole in your mouse. 

You can also customise the look of the Chakram via removable magnetic portions of its shell which allow you to swap out buttons or even insert your own design over the ROG logo. There's Aura Sync lighting too because, of course, there are lights. 

The Asus ROG Chakram won't be cheap with Asus suggesting it'll be about $150 (we're guessing a similar price in the UK), but it's certainly original. Expect it to launch sometime later this month. 

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