BBC to launch the micro:bit on the 22nd of March

February 26, 2016 | 12:03

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The BBC has announced a formal launch date for its delayed micro:bit educational electronics platform, scheduling delivery to students to begin on the 22nd of March.

The BBC unveiled the Micro Bit, as it was then known, in March last year, having taken inspiration from the CodeBug and sharing its same overall layout and functionality. The company redesigned and renamed the micro:bit in July, but claimed it was still on-track with plans to give a free unit to all Year 7 pupils in the UK by October. Sadly, by mid-September it was clear the launch date would be missed owing to power problems with the board. In January, the BBC announced another delay, and revised its launch plans to give a smaller number of the programmable gadgets to teachers first before the full roll-out.

Now, though, the wait is nearly over. Teachers have their faculty micro:bits in hand, and the broadcaster has confirmed that the full roll-out to all Year 7 pupils will begin on the 22nd of March. While the broadcaster has warned that 'delivery will take several weeks,' response the announcement has been positive, especially with the first live lessons in the micro:bit curriculum having already taken place.

The BBC has not yet announced when the micro:bit will be available for the public to purchase, nor how much it will cost.
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