Cooler Master announces NovaTouch TKL

September 22, 2014 | 10:03

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Cooler Master has announced a new gaming keyboard which dispenses with the traditional rubber-dome or mechanical switches in favour of a hybrid capacitive system that promises faster debounce.

Mechanical keyboards are a common upgrade for gamers looking for an edge, with Cooler Master offering several based on the popular Cherry MX switch type. The upcoming NovaTouch TKL, however, uses a Topre-style hybrid capacitive system which the company claims can offer gamers a competitive edge. Each key features a uniform 45g actuation force with a 1mm tactile trigger point for positive feedback, but comes with the claim that debounce - the time it takes for the key to be ready for a second press - is some three times faster than mechanical alternatives.

As you might expect from what is to prove a flagship keyboard for Cooler Master, the NovaTouch TKL includes N-key rollover - meaning no limit to the number of keys that can be pressed simultaneously - and anti-ghosting technology on a 1,000Hz/1ms polling rate. An internal memory buffer is used to allow for on-the-fly adjustment of hardware key repeat rate. Connectivity is provided by a detachable 1.8m micro-USB cable with factory-fitted braiding. Initially, as the name suggests, the NovaTouch TKL will be available as a tenkeyless design which lacks the traditional number pad with a full-size variant expected in the near future.

The NovaTouch TKL is due to launch in the UK in November, with pricing yet to be confirmed. More details, plus a sign-up sheet to be notified when the keyboard launches, are available at the official product page.
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