Das Keyboard launches Division Zero gaming range

January 27, 2016 | 16:45

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Das Keyboard, the company which started with the creation of its eponymous plain-black mechanical keyboard, is branching out into more garish realms with the launch of the new Division Zero Pro Gaming range.

The Das Keyboard family, which began with a completely black model featuring no markings on its keycaps and which gained an MX Red switch option back in 2013, has always been eye-catching yet relatively understated. At least, until now: the Das Keyboard Division Zero range does away with understatement in favour of pseudo-camouflage finishes with exposed screw heads and bright red LEDs.

Interestingly, it also brings with it a switch away from Cherry-brand switches. Instead, the Division Zero X40 Gaming Keyboard will feature Alpha-Zulu switches, developed in-house by Das Keyboard, in either yellow or olive variants - equivalent, roughly, to Cherry MX Browns and Cherry MX Reds respectively but with an even 45g actuation force and 4mm travel length. The keyboard includes full N-key rollover, a swappable aluminium top plate finished in 'space camo,' a two metre sleeved USB cable, USB 2.0 pass-through, audio in and out ports, and adjustable red backlighting.

The X40 is joined by the Division Zero M50 Gaming Mouse, finished in black and red but lacking the 'space camo' of the keyboard. Anyone who has shopped for a gaming mouse in the last few years will find the specification list familiar: 128KB of on-board memory for storage of six profiles for the nine macro buttons, a 6,400dpi laser-based fourth-generation sensor with adjustable resolution, and a 2.1 metre sleeved USB cable feature, along with a diecast aluminium 'shoe' to the base and Teflon-coated glide pads. For the mouse, Das Keyboard has opted not to develop in-house switches but has instead gone for off-the-shelf Omron parts.

UK pricing and availability for the Division Zero family have yet to be confirmed.
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