EVGA launches the X20, X17, and X15 gaming mice

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February 10, 2021 | 11:00

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EVGA has just launched a selection of attractive new PC gaming peripherals. In total, it has three new mice and two new mechanical keyboards to offer. Most of the products are available now direct from EVGA.

EVGA's new mice

The range of new mice detailed by EVGA today are all quite different. The new X20 is an all-purpose gaming mouse with multi-mode connectivity, the X17 is designed with FPS gamers in mind, while the X15 features a multi-purpose MMO panel and physical e-shift system for gamers who love lots of mouse buttons. At the time of writing it appears to be the case that the latter design, the X15 isn't quite ready for consumers, so you will notice it isn't in the above promo video and EVGA hasn't got it up for sale yet.

EVGA's X20 and Z17 mice are said to be the first to feature a triple sensor system combining dual-LOD (lift off distance) sensors and a Pixart 3335 optical sensor on the X20 or Pixart 3389 on the X17. The advanced three-dimensional array gives EVGA's mice a claimed advantage in LOD positioning. EVGA's 3-Dimension Array Tech algorithm can detect within a minimum of 0.4 mm to a maximum of 3 mm from the mouse to the surface, dynamically adjusting the best power-off height. The LOD power-off can be customised in the provided accessory software which is also used for things like RGB lighting, button assignments, and macros.

Above I mentioned that the X20 has multi-mode connectivity. It has a wired USB mode which also charges the mouse, a 2,4GHz wireless connection with 1ms response, and a Bluetooth option for easy pairing with various devices which might have few or no spare USB ports. Another difference with this MMO-tailored choice is that it features Light Strike LK Optical switches for up to 70m clicks.

Both the X17 and X15 might miss out on the multi-connectivity options but their single USB connection should offer a little more performance. These rodents both feature a USB 2.0 High-Speed 32-bit Arm Cortex-M33 core microprocessor, supporting a native 8KHz report rate. That's eight times as fast as a standard 1kHz gaming mouse but what it will add to your gaming experience in practice will need to be tested.

All the new mice come with on the fly DPI and five customised onboard profiles that can be recalled easily. Additionally, all the new mice come with super low friction PTFE feet.

The new EVGA X17 gaming mouse is listed at US$79, and the X20 is available at $119. Pricing for the X15 is yet to be revealed but EVGA signals that it is 'coming soon'.

EVGA's new keyboards

The new EVGA Z20 and Z15 mechanical gaming keyboards are featured in the above video. The X20 stands out with its opto-mechanical switches, TOF user presence sensor, dedicated row of macro keys, and its 4D textured macro and WASD keys. The Z15 lacks the macro and 4D textured keys, TOF sensor, and relies on more traditional Kailh switches. Both keyboards feature per key RGB lighting (with the X20 adding a light bar surround), quick media keys with volume roller, and come with a nice looking wrist rest.

The EVGA Z20 and Z15 are available for US$179 and $129, respectively.

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