Evil Controllers announces 'tournament grade' Evil Shift pads

June 8, 2017 | 11:53

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Custom controller specialist Evil Controllers has announced the impending launch of a next-generation controller it claims represents 'the biggest leap in esports controller technology to date': the Evil Shift for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Coming as it does from a company which claims to have 'created the custom controller industry ten years ago' - something which may come as news to gamers with more experience and fond memories of devices like the PowerPlay Cruiser joystick, launched in 1986 with its twist-adjustable torque control, or any third-party joystick boasting adjustable auto-fire - it's no surprise to find customisation at the heart of the Evil Shift. The controller's flagship rear paddles are, the company claims, remappable on-the-fly without leaving a game or installing any third-party software, while the thumbsticks can be swapped out for a choice of three heights.

Other features of the Evil Shift include 'instant touch technology', which allows the paddles to be pressed, tapped, or shifted; support for multiple finger positions to reduce fatigue by allowing the gamer to use different fingers to achieve the same task mid-game; what Evil Controllers bills as 'the best trigger sensitivity in the industry with significant resistance reduction'; and an improved ergonomic design compared to the company's earlier products.

'Our commitment to durability, advanced technology and unmatched controller customisation comes from our passion for and understanding of the eSports community,' claimed Adam Coe, founder and chief executive of Evil Controllers, at the announcement. 'Players now have access to the most advanced controller on the market that can put them at the top of their game.'

More information on the Evil Shift, which is scheduled to launch this summer, is available from the company's official website.
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