HTC prices Vive bundle, sets pre-order date

February 22, 2016 | 15:49

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HTC has put a price tag on its upcoming Vive Consumer Edition virtual reality bundle, and anyone hoping it would come out cheaper than the Oculus Rift should stop reading now: it's $799.

Priced, as with all current-generation virtual reality headsets, firmly at the well-heeled enthusiast end of the market, HTC's Vive headset - built in collaboration with gaming giant Valve - will launch in April this year, barring any further delays, priced at $799. Some $200 more expensive than rival Oculus VR's Rift headset, the HTC equivalent makes up the difference through bundling a pair of specially-designed wireless controllers (available at extra cost at some future point for the Oculus Rift, which comes with an Xbox 360 controller) and a pair of sensors capable of tracking the player's movement throughout a room.

The device also comes with a pair of 'fully-fledged VR experiences,' which is apparently what we're calling games now: Owlchemy Labs' Job Simulator, which takes the form of a humorous future history exhibit where all forms of work have been taken over by robots; and Nortway Games' and Radial Games Fantastic Contraption, a build-it-yourself sandbox controlled via the motion-sensitive pads.

'From the beginning, Vive has been at the forefront of virtual reality, with HTC pioneering several ground breaking technologies,' crowed Cher Wang, HTC's chair and chief executive officer, at the announcement. 'Since announcing Vive this time last year, we have worked tirelessly with Valve to deliver the best VR experience on the market, winning multiple awards and receiving critical acclaim from media, consumers and the industry. With the Vive consumer edition we are now able to realise our ultimate vision; bringing Vive into homes around the globe so that people can experience immersive virtual reality in a away that fires the imagination and truly changes the world.'

HTC is to open pre-orders for the Vive bundle on Monday the 29th of February at 1500 GMT.
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