Lenovo unveils DaystAR augmented reality headset

July 20, 2017 | 11:22

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Lenovo has hinted at plans to launch a standalone augmented reality headset system dubbed DaystAR, though has hedged its bets by announcing the device in concept form for now.

Unveiled at Lenovo's third annual Tech World summit by chief technology officer Yong Rui, the DaystAR headset is described by the company as 'an optical display with an independent vision processing unit and free-formed surface lenses with a 40-degree field of view.' Based on in-house technology imaginatively dubbed the 'Lenovo AR [Augmented Reality] Platform,' seemingly distinct from the Windows Mixed Reality Platform which powers Microsoft's HoloLens headset and upcoming devices from Acer and HP, the device appears to be positioned at both industrial and consumer use.

'Using the Lenovo AR Platform developers can use daystAR to create applications across a variety of industries,' claims Rui of the headset in the official blog post accompanying Lenovo's unveiling. 'With services like Cloud Object Recognition, Remote Assistance, Multiplayer Interaction, and 3D Content Manager, you can scan, upload, and edit 3D content through the platform.'

The DaystAR headset was joined at the event by a range of other concept designs, including the Context Aware Virtual Assistant (CAVA) which learns your habits and includes facial recognition capabilities, a wearable electrocardiogram (ECG) heart monitor dubbed SmartVest, and a self-learning technical support platform dubbed Xiaole. Sadly, none of these concepts - including DaystAR - came with the promise of being developed into commercial products.

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