Mad Catz outs RAT Pro S tournament mouse

September 22, 2015 | 11:57

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Peripherals specialist Mad Catz has announced a new gaming mouse aimed specifically at tournament gamers: the Mat Catz R.A.T. Pro S.

Heretoafter referred to as the RAT Pro S, Mad Catz' latest design is certainly eye-catching. Based on the company's already-shipping RAT Pro X, the RAT Pro S features a Pixart PMW3310 infra-red optical sensor with a 5,000 dots per inch (DPI) resolution in a lightweight body tipping the scales at just 77 grams. Unsurprisingly, there are PTFE feet on the base to help the mouse glide smoothly over surfaces - part of the company's desire to promote the mouse as being 'designed for speed and agility.'

As with others in the RAT range, the RAT Pro S includes 'precision aim,' a button which temporarily slows the speed of the mouse to aid with pixel-perfect positioning. Unlike its predecessors, which had a pre-configured speed setting for this mode, the new RAT Pro S allows the 'precision aim' button to activate a user's preferred resolution. The adjustable palm-rest shelf is borrowed from the Pro X, allowing users to adjust the length of the mouse as well as tilting for lateral and horizontal adjustments up to 15 per cent in any direction.

'The RAT Pro S delivers a potent combination of speed, lightweight design and customisability, making it the perfect gaming mice for competitive PC gamers,' claimed Darren Richardson, Mad Catz president and chief executive officer, of his company's latest offering. 'The RAT Pro S together with the game changing RAT Pro X illustrate Mad Catz' commitment to brand innovation in PC Gaming products through high-performance hardware designed for passionate gamers.'

More information on the mouse, which is priced at $69.99 in the US ahead of its October shipping date, is available from the company's official product page.
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