Microsoft prices HoloLens Development Edition

February 29, 2016 | 14:59

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Microsoft has confirmed that it is opening orders for its augmented reality HoloLens headset today, but anyone hoping to get their hands on one will pay dearly: the initial release, dubbed the Development Edition, is priced at a whopping $3,000.

Microsoft first unveiled HoloLens early last year during the lead-up to the launch of Windows 10. Featuring an integrated Windows 10 computer, the device was demonstrated as the ultimate in augmented reality: capable of tracking your movements in real-time and displaying three-dimensional images which are locked into space and can even interact with real-world surroundings. The company is so serious about the project, in fact, it even hired the director of Mass Effect to improve the virtual user interface.

While Microsoft was eager to show off the capabilities of HoloLens for everything from industrial design to gaming, the company has always been silent on one thing: price. Today, though, the company has announced that it is opening pre-orders for the HoloLens Development Edition, which operates entirely independently from a PC, for $3,000. For that, interested parties get the hardware and a selection of bundled software: HoloStudio, a 3D modelling app; Skype; HoloTour, a virtual tourism app; Fragments, a 'mixed reality crime drama that unfolds in your own environment;' Young Conker, a platformer which uses real-world furniture as the platform; and RoboRaid, a first-person shooter previously known as Project X-Ray. The company has also promised to release 'a completely new holographic storytelling medium' dubbed Actiongram, featuring mixed-reality capture technology.

Those ordering a HoloLens Development Edition from the official site can expect to begin receiving hardware from the 30th of March.
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