Razer turns to Kickstarter for left-handed Naga Trinity

August 6, 2018 | 11:26

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Increasingly diversified gaming peripherals company Razer has announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign to produce a left-handed version of its Razer Naga Trinity mouse, with founder and chief executive Min-Liang Tan claiming its previous left-handed models have been created 'at a loss'.

While Razer has made selected models of mice available in left-handed and ambidextrous variants in the past, the company's founder and chief executive has stated that it has been a loss-leader: 'We've been the only company shipping left handed gaming mice for the past few years and have been doing so at a loss,' claims Min-Liang Tan in a Twitter post on the subject. 'When we stopped the line we had a huge outcry from the LH community to do a Kickstarter for a LH Naga Trinity. Well - we are delivering on it now!'

Unlike its previous left-handed variants, though, Razer isn't funding production of the sinister Naga Trinity itself. Instead, the company has turned to Kickstarter - a crowdfunding website originally set up to allow small enterprises to gauge demand and raise funds to produce everything from books and albums to electronic devices, but which in the last few years has been increasingly taken up by established companies looking to offset the risk of launching a new product line.

The campaign sees the left-handed mouse variant being promised to backers for £68 at 'early bird' pricing levels and £76 at standard pricing (both excluding taxes and shipping), though the nature of Kickstarter's all-or-nothing funding means that the 215 backers at the time of writing will have their pledges cancelled and receive nothing unless the campaign can reach its heady £761,674 goal from its current £20,436 level in the next 26 days.

More information on the left-handed Razer Naga Trinity, which other than its mirrored design is functionally identical to the right-handed version, can be found on the official campaign page.

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