Roccat launches Horde Aimo 'Membranical' gaming keyboard

March 27, 2018 | 11:18

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Roccot has announced the UK launch of the Horde Aimo 'Membranical' gaming keyboard, which it claims offers the best of membrane and mechanical switch keyboard design.

Entering the Aimo family alongside devices including the Roccot Kone Aimo which launched the ecosystem late last year, the Horde Aimo is a gaming keyboard with a difference. Rather than using cheap membrane switching, in which a rubber mat with raised domes is positioned above contact points on an otherwise flat circuit board, or more expensive mechanical switches such as Cherry's popular MX family, it uses 'Membranical' switches - a hybrid of the two which, the company claims, offers the best of both worlds.

'With Horde Aimo we wanted to offer the fans of traditional keyboards the best choice in the market,' claims Roccat chief executive René Korte of his company's latest design. 'There is no other option that feels as crisp and precise and offers this level of customization. The Horde Aimo is unique in its kind.'

According to Roccat, the Membranical switches have an actuation point around the middle of their overall travel for fast response, yet are entirely silent in use. A 'Tuning Wheel' on the keyboard offers free 360-degree rotation and can be customised for use in various software applications as well as supporting anything designed around Microsoft's Windows Dial platform - the first gaming keyboard to boast such a feature, Roccat crows.

As an Aimo device, it's no surprise to find RGB LED lighting on the keyboard, which communicates and cooperates with other Aimo devices including the aforementioned Kone Aimo and the Khan Aimo - plus future Aimo devices yet to be released. The keyboard is also supported by Roccat's Swarm driver platform, the company has confirmed.

Pricing for the Roccat Horde Aimo Membranical gaming keyboard has been set at £89.99 (inc. VAT), with more information available on the company's official website.

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