Tesoro announces Excalibur keyboard's UK launch

August 21, 2014 | 11:31

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US-based peripherals company Tesoro has announced that it will be bringing its Tesoro Excalibur mechanical gaming keyboard to the UK in September.

Designed as a budget-friendly gaming keyboard, the Tesoro Excalibur is pictured on the company's official website using genuine Cherry MX switches. If so, it would be a shift for Tesoro, which has in the past used Cherry MX clones like the Kailh switches found in its previously-launched Lobera Supreme. Mention of 60 million key actuation guarantees, higher than the 50 million of official Cherry MX switches, does raise some questions as to which switches will make it into the finished product. In any case, the company has promised to launch the board with Blue, Brown and Red switch variants - clicky tactile, non-clicky tactile and linear low-actuation-force respectively.

Regardless of switch type, Tesoro promises full N-key rollover, meaning no limit to the number of simultaneous key-presses. A 512KB on-board memory connects to a microcontroller to store user-definable macros with up to five profiles, 300 macro keys and 2,000 key presses per profile, with a special function key switching the keyboard into 'Game Mode.' Each key is fitted with an LED, which can be toggled individually and through four levels of brightness. The bottom of the keyboard has been treated with a rubberised anti-slip coating.

Tesoro has indicated that it will be targeting the Exalibur at the lower end of the mechanical keyboard market, launching the board in the UK for £65 following its introduction into the US. The boards are expected to appear at the usual retailers by the end of September.

Tesoro has confirmed that the UK-spec Excalibur will be using Kailh switches, and not the pictured Cherry MX switches. 'The reason that the picture on the Tesoro website shows Cherry MX switches is that the keyboard actually comes with those switches in certain markets - Russia, China,' a spokesperson has told us. 'The UK (and US) versions of the keyboard are all Kailh switches.'
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