Thermaltake announces Black Element Cyclone Edition

July 31, 2012 | 11:17

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Peripherals specialist Thermaltake has confirmed plans to launch a Black Element Cyclone Edition gaming mouse under its TT eSports brand, with sweaty-palmed gamers firmly in its sights.

The Black Element Cyclone Edition is, in the surface, a fairly straightforward gaming mouse. Its traditional design is near-identical to the previous Black Element, including the use of a non-slip 'military-grade coating' - whatever that is - and a 6,500dpi Laser Sensor Engine driving the mouse itself.

Where it differs from its predecessor is in a small USB port on the top, next to the wired and braided USB cable itself. This port provides connectivity for a bundled 6,000rpm fan pointing directly at your sweaty mitt for a bit of light relief. To quote Thermaltake's official release: 'Simply Plug & Play the Fan Device to immediately enjoy the cooling effect on your hand.'

The Black Element Cyclone Edition is hardly the first gaming mouse to include technology designed to cool overheated users, but the removable nature of the fan may make it more popular than most - although we'd recommend not stretching your fingers out and poking the blades. Despite the fan's swift rotational speed, Thermaltake claims a whisper-quiet 21.7dB noise level and an impressive airflow of 2.6 cubic feet per minute.

As with the Black Element before, the Cyclone Edition also includes five 4.5g removable weights in the base, allowing gamers to customise the heft according to their individual preferences. The glowing parts - de rigueur for any gaming mouse - can also be customised for colour.

UK pricing for the Cyclone Edition has yet to be confirmed, but Thermaltake has stated it will be launching the device next month for around $80 in the US (approximately £51 excluding taxes.)
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