TT eSports launches Theron Plus+ 'smart mouse'

January 8, 2015 | 12:37

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Thermaltake sub-brand TT eSports has announced its latest products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week, with an interesting focus on mobile devices.

Like its competitor Roccat, TT eSports appears to believe that what the modern gamer really needs is a means of using their smartphone while they're deep in battle. Where Roccat's answer was a keyboard with bundled Bluetooth dock, however, TT eSports has gone the opposite direction with its Theron Plus+ 'smart mouse.' At a glance, the Theron Plus+ looks like a fairly standard gaming mouse with a glossy finish - but an integrated Bluetooth module synchronises with the user's smartphone via the bundled iOS or Android app to track the user's vital statistics.

Using the smartphone connectivity, the company claims, gamers can immediately call up statistics including distance travelled, number of clicks and the number of times the mouse was lifted from the gaming surface. These statistics can be logged and analysed over time, while the predictable gamification and social sharing features are also present and correct.

As well as its integrated Bluetooth connectivity, the mouse itself is remarkably similar to the existing Theron design. The laser sensor, offering 8,200dpi resolution, has been tweaked, but the eight buttons and five profile modes - totalling 40 possible macro settings, stored in the mouse's internal memory - are present and correct. The new edition also gets an RGB LED lighting system, user-controllable across four independent regions - wheel, 'battle dragon,' side panels and bottom - with a choice of 16.8 million colours.

For the times when you have to leave your desk behind, the company also unveiled a controller for iOS handsets with build-in smartphone holder dubbed the Contour. Clearly designed to mimic the layout of Microsoft's Xbox controller design, the Contour is based on a prototype the company first showed off back at Computex in 2014. TT eSports' final announcement was a low-cost virtual reality headset, the 3D Shock 7.1, which includes 40mm transducers, a foldable microphone, and pre-sets for massively multiplayer online (MMO,) first-person shooter (FPS) and real-time strategy (RTS) games.

The Theron Plus+ is to launch in the US this week priced at $69.99, with the 3D Shock 7.1 headset to follow at $79.99. The Contour may be a little while longer, with MegaTechNews reporting that the company is awaiting certification from Apple before it can begin sales at a suggested $79.99 retail price. UK pricing and availability have not yet been announced for any of TT eSports' new products.
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