Valve sells out of first Steam Controller, Link batch

June 30, 2015 | 11:07

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Less than a month after opening pre-orders, Valve has announced that it has sold out of its initial batch of Steam Controller and Steam Link hardware.

Announced alongside an official Steam Machine from Dell's Alienware arm, the Steam Controller and Steam Link represent two of Valve's three-pronged attack on console gaming. The Steam Controller is a twist on the traditional gamepad, offering two concave touch-sensitive surfaces along with the usual thumbstick, triggers and buttons, and claims to allow games designed for use with a keyboard and mouse to be controlled with accuracy; the Steam Link, meanwhile, is Valve's attempt at a micro-console, a low-cost device designed specifically to act as a receiver for Steam's In-Home Streaming functionality - allowing games rendered on a powerful gaming PC in one room to be displayed on a big-screen TV in another.

Earlier this month, Valve started accepting pre-orders for an early release of both devices. Scheduled to ship on the 16th of October, ahead of the 10th of November general availability, the units were available in what the company vaguely described as 'limited quantity'.' Now, less than a month later, those limited quantities have been exhausted; anyone ordering the hardware now will receive the goods on the 10th of November.

While Valve is playing the sell-out as a success, it's hard to gauge just how popular the devices have proven: sales figures have not been released, and the company has never indicated just how many of each device it was making available for the earlier 16th of October delivery date. Those who did miss out, however, will find that both devices are still available through Valve's Steam platform as well as third-party retail partners for delivery on the official launch date, set at the same £39.99 each as the early-delivery price.
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