Valve teases own-brand Index VR headset

April 1, 2019 | 14:18

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Valve has teased an own-brand virtual reality headset, strangely dubbed the Valve Index, but without offering any firm details beyond a May 2019 date that may be its launch or simply its unveiling.

Valve is no stranger to virtual reality projects: As well as an internal project which would become CastAR, the company worked closely with HTC on the development of the Vive - which had previously been rumoured to be an own-brand headset for use with its SteamVR platform.

Now, the company is teasing an official own-brand headset dubbed the Valve Index - but, sadly, is refusing to give away any clues as to its features or specifications. In the singular image accompanying Valve's announcement, the headset is seen from the underside and reveals a compact design with at least two front-facing cameras - suggesting inside-out tracking - along with a slider for adjusting interpupillary distance (IPD). Accompanying text tells the visitor it will 'upgrade your experience,' hinting at improved specifications over its competitors.

What is very absent from the image, however, is any sight of controllers. Valve has previously been working on a set of finger-tracking hand-held controllers dubbed the Knuckles, but whether the Index would ship with these is currently not known.

Effectively zero additional information, bar a May 2019 date, is available from the official product page.

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