World's smallest power supply - the picoPSU

Written by Wil Harris

January 7, 2006 | 01:56

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There's quite a lot of stuff here at CES, and this is definitely one of the coolest things we've seen.

We have been looking at the ecosystem growing around VIA's ITX and Nano-ITX platforms and we've just discovered what has to be the smallest PSU around.

The picoPSU, by MiniBox, is barely the size of an ATX connector. It's 120W, and has a couple of molex connectors and a floppy connector, as well as an input jack for mains power.

It's designed for use in embedded systems where space is at a premium. It's 100% silent, has a lack of messy cables and provides enough power to keep a Pentium M or Via C3 processor juiced up, depending on the other peripherals in the system.

Just imagine the modding possibilities when your power supply is no bigger than a couple of AA batteries!

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