Cooler Master announces V Semi-Modular Series PSUs

May 14, 2014 | 10:55

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Cooler Master has announced its latest power supply family, the V Semi-Modular Series, or VSM, promising 80 PLUS Gold efficiency at up to 750W and a five-year warranty.

Designed for those who want to tame the nest of cables in their next rig without splashing out for a fully-modular power supply, the Cooler Master VSM Series comes with the main cable bundle - which includes the ATX power connector, PCIe connectors and CPU supply - permanently attached, but splits the remainder of its cabling across four detachable bundles. For those with smaller setups, that means fewer 'spare' cables crammed into cable-management channels with the result of a more appealing appearance and improved airflow.

The number of modular cables you get depends on model: the base 450W version comes with six SATA cables in two detachable bundles and a three-Molex and one-floppy bundle; the top-end 750W model, meanwhile, offers eight SATA cables across two bundles, three Molex connectors on another bundle and the same three-Molex and one-floppy bundle to complete the set.

Cables and current aside, each model in the range shares the same overall design. The black chassis houses a temperature-controlled 120mm fan behind a honeycomb mesh cover. Internally, the circuit design is split across the main board and a daughterboard which is claimed to improve heat dissipation and reduce noise on the power lines. Cooler Master also claims to have included a custom-designed DC-to-DC module to boost voltage stability and efficiency, with all models having achieved 80 PLUS Gold certification - meaning 92 per cent efficiency at their typical loads.

What Cooler Master hasn't yet shared is the price. Launching in the US later this month, the PSUs are expected to sit below the company's existing V Series fully-modular supplies, which start at just shy of £100 for the 700W model. Full details are available on the official website.
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