Corsair announces 'most efficient' AX1500i PSU

January 8, 2014 | 10:22

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Corsair has announced what it claims is the world's most efficient PC power supply, the AX1500i, with 1.5KW power output and a claimed 94 per cent efficiency.

Designed for high-end gaming systems, Corsair claims the new power supply is the most efficient 1500W model on the market with a claimed 94 per cent efficiency at 50 per cent load based on the US 115V mains supply - easily exceeding the requirements of the draft 80 PLUS Titanium standard. This efficiency, the company claims, comes thanks to a reduction in component count compared to previous generation models and a control design based around digital signal processors (DSPs) rather than analogue components.

A handy by-product of the increased efficiency is reduced heat output, with Corsair claiming that the PSU operates completely silently below 450W load - meaning systems sitting at idle won't have fan noise to contend with. Even when under higher load, the company claims its single 140mm fluid-dynamic bearing fan is one of the quietest around at 26.5dBa under full 1.5KW load conditions.

'When we released the AX1200i, the world’s first digital ATX PSU, we defined the new standard for PSU performance, efficiency, and customisation,' boasted Aaron Neal, product manager of PSUs at Corsair, at the unveiling. 'Now with the AX1500i's evolved digital architecture we've raised the bar again, creating the most efficient and technically advanced PSU available for the uncompromising PC enthusiast.'

The Corsair AX1500i includes eight PCI Express cables for quad-SLI/Crossfire support, a USB connection for Corsair Link hook-up - providing real-time temperature, current draw, power efficiency monitor and manual control of fan speed - and per-rail control of overcurrent protection. The PSU also includes the ability to switch to a single 12V rail mode, from the default multi-rail configuration.

The AX1500i PSU is due to launch in the second quarter, and while UK pricing has yet to be confirmed Corsair has offered a suggested US retail price of $449.99 including a seven-year warranty (around £274 excluding taxes.)
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